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Screening for Diabetes Mellitus type 2, including over nutrition, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and family history of diabetes in adults at Ubon Ratchathani province of Thailand.
This cross sectional study aimed to estimate the rate of diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM) and its association with over nutrition, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and family history of DM among...
A descriptive cross-sectional study evaluating knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes about HIV/AIDS among adult women of reproductive age in a public lying-in clinic in Pasay, Metro Manila Teaching Assistant
Currently, one of the most important diseases in the world is HIV/AIDS. Many organizations and NGOs have provided resources to tackle this disease, though the number of infections is still increasing.
A Cross-sectional Study Describing the Factors Influencing the Decision of Health Professionals in the Philippines to Enroll in a Master in Business Administration in Healthcare Management at the Ateneo Graduate School Of Business.
Healthcare systems globally are continuously facing complex, dynamic, and rapidly evolving challenges today, leaving healthcare leaders insufficiently equipped with the tools to enable them overcome...
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Surveys of an HIV & TB Workplace Program in Ghana
HIV and Tuberculosis have profound social and economic effects which impacts severely on enterprises, workers and their families in Africa. A successful approach to improve this situation is, to...
Quality Management in Primary Health Facilities in North West Frontiers Pakistan/ Role of combined evaluation methods
One objective of this study was to examine the methods and data collection regarding the combination and role of the patient interviews and peer reviews in primary health care services in NWFP. A...
The Afar -Ethiopian Pastoralists -Access to safe water and health care
The Afar living in Boromudaitu woredai, Ethiopia are semi-nomadic (transhumant) pastoralists managing livestock as the basis of subsistence. The nomadic lifestyle in the hot and dry climate of the...
Rational use of medicines: Comparison of medicine use practices in a primary health care facility with pharmaceutical support and facilities without pharmaceutical support in urban Madagascar. A medicine use indicator study
The objective of the thesis was to investigate and compare the medicine use practices in this dispensary and three similar health facilities in mahajanga which don't have pharmaceutical support using...
Best practices & alternative integrated community based model in delivering primary health care service for Chittagong Hill tracts of Bangladesh
The objective of the study was to develop an alternative integrated community based model for the delivering of PHC services according to need and the priority of rural communities of the CHT.
Investigation of Low Birth Weight (LBW) incidence and its risk factors in rural community of Bangladesh: A case control study
Low birth weight (LBW) is one of the main causes of neonatal mortality. This research is to investigate incidence of low birth weight and to identify its risk factors and to examine association of...
Overcoming barriers to Inclusive Education for Children with a Disability in rural Nigeria
The main objective of the study were to identify if there is a significant difference in the view on Inclusive Education between teachers in schools where it is being implemented and those in schools...
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