Title: The Afar -Ethiopian Pastoralists -Access to safe water and health care
Author: Kamm,Simone
Institution: Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Berlin
Graduate date: 2011-05-12 (W3C-DTF)
Document: Kamm_Thesis_Abstract_2011-2.pdf
The Afar living in Boromudaitu woredai, Ethiopia are semi-nomadic
(transhumant) pastoralists managing livestock as the basis of subsistence.
The nomadic lifestyle in the hot and dry climate of the harsh Sahelian
zone with scarce water and pastures seems to be the optimal way of
coping. However, nomadic pastoralists face similar problems throughout the world due to their differentness. Mobile peoples are marginalized; they lack access to political and economical representation, they lack access to education and infrastructure, they specifically lack access to basic services, health care and water. In 2004 the International Committee of the Red Cross started
implementing a “health and water project” in Boromudaitu woreda. A
household based, cross-sectional survey was carried out to ascertain
knowledge, attitude and practice of the widely unknown population. 225
female caretakers of children under-five were randomly chosen and
interviewed. The structured questionnaire focused on water and
sanitation, waste disposal, general health, mother and child health and
nutrition. In this master thesis parts of the analysis are discussed comprehensively. The objectives are the assessment of level of access to basic services such as access to safe water, sanitation and waste disposal as well as access to preventive and curative health care. The particularities of the seminomadic
population are taken into account and propositions to improve access are worked out.
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