Title: Inaction Against User Fees in Pursuit of MDGs 4 and 5 in Ethiopia: Power, Process and Politics of the Reform
Author: Betigel Workalemahu Habtewold
Institution: Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute, Basel
Graduate date: 2011-11-17 (W3C-DTF)
Document: Betigel Workalemahu Habtewold.doc
Description: The terrain of health policy analysis in developing countries is in its infancy. Most health policy analysis wrongly focuses on the content of the reform, as opposed to paying attention to the process that explains how certain policies came into effect while others not. This paper elucidates the processes, contexts and actors interactions contingent to health care financing reform in Ethiopia. Particularly, the study investigates how and why user fees policy remained unfold throughout the health care financing reform in Ethiopia, despite the growing evidences and international calls to do away with it in pursuit of MDGs. Guided by the renowned health policy analysis framework, the study used Kingdon’s multiple-streams theory to understand the process of the reform....
Classification: 2011 (LCSH)
Language: English
Date Of Record Creation: 2011-11-22 03:30:59 (W3C-DTF)
Date Of Record Release: 2011-11-22 04:34:21 (W3C-DTF)
Date Last Modified: 2011-12-05 07:32:33 (W3C-DTF)

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