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Diagnosis of Female Genital Schistosomiasis by Colposcopy: Feasibility and Options under Conditions of Sub-Saharan Africa
In Schistosoma haematobium-endemic areas of SSA 33% - 75% of women present a female genital schistosomiasis (FGS) co-manifestation. Diagnosis of FGS in resource-poor settings is a remaining problem.
Visceral Leishmaniasis in Uganda: diagnostic predictors and risk factors for death
Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is a protozoal disease estimated to affect 500 000 persons every year worldwide. In sub-saharan Africa, VL caused by L. donovani is endemic in remote regions of Sudan...
Assessment of immunogenicity and safety of yellow fever vaccination in HIV-infected patients : a pilot study
Yellow fever (YF) is an acute haemorrhagic fever with a case fatality rate of 15-50 percent. It can effectively be prevented by the administration of a live-attenuated 17D yellow fever vaccine.
Gender and the cultural epidemiology of tuberculosis among patients in the Central Region of Afghanistan
Tuberculosis is a major global health problem with more than 8.8 million people yearly diagnosed. Though worldwide more men than women are notified with TB, Afghanistan has seen an opposite pattern...
Peer education in HIV/AIDS prevention, does it make any difference in knowledge and behaviour?
Especially young people in Sub-Saharan Africa are threatened by HIV/AIDS. It is estimated that globally half of all new infections (over 7.000 daily) are occurring among people aged 15-24. Young...
First assessment visit of HIV-infected children presenting to a governmental paediatric antiretroviral treatment in Malawi : patient characteristics and uptake of highly active antiretroviral therapy
the objectives of this study is to evaluate the effect of introducing the new WHO clinical staging system in a governmental hospital setting without routine availability of CD4 count by describing...
Culture and health of hijras in India : study of a marginalized community in Pune and Mumbai
The motivation for the study of hijras and research on their health status arose from an experience of the researcher in the antenatal clinic of the Sassoon General Hospital (SGH), B. J. Medical...
Situation analysis of the provision of training courses in clinical management of HIV infection for physicians working in Eastern and Southern Africa and the involvement of European AIDS specialists in such trainings
HIV/AIDS is a worldwide pandemic with nearly 40 million infected people. Of them, 64% live in sub-Saharan Africa where HIV prevalence averages 20% and even more in some of the countries. Since the...
Understanding the patterns of chronic obstetric morbidity and validation of self reports by women living in an urban slum distric of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Obstetric morbidities are common among the women of reproductive age. The extent of obstetric morbidity as a health problem is expressed in terms of the number of morbid events per maternal death.
Introduction of improved quality management in basic reproductive health services : an example from Southern Sudan
The aim of this study was to introduce improved Quality Management in Basic Reproductive Health Services and to assess the value of QM procedures...
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