tropEd recognition

1. What is tropEd recognition

tropEd recognition is the recognition of the Master level training provided and the Master Degree awarded, to individual students, by or through tropEd Home Institutions. It is not an extra degree but recognition of quality standards in education and training in the tropEd network. For the Home Institution tropEd recognition is a measure of external quality assessment. The recognition certificate is issued to individual graduates.

2. Prerequisites of tropEd recognition

To obtain tropEd recognition of a Masters degree in International Health, a student and his/her home institution must prove:

• A total of minimum 60 ECTS credit points from a combination of taught and research components defined as eligible (accredited) by tropEd
• Mobility through completion of courses in at least two institutions in different countries, with at least 10 taught credit points outside the home institution’s country (distance or e-learning modules are not considered “foreign credits”)
• Not more than 10 credits obtained via distance or e-learning
• Number of credits obtained (based on grade reports) for an accredited core course (20 credits), accredited advanced modules (20-25 credits) and a thesis (15-20 credits)
• Pass marks for all modules and research project (thesis)
• Master degree obtained from Home Institution
• Completion of the masters programme (based on the date the degree is awarded) within 5 years from the date of first registration in a tropEd-accredited course or module
• At least two years of relevant professional experience of which at least one year in low- and middle-income countries/societies (latter based on employer statements)
• Presence of an external examiner (thesis defence or oral exam) or an external thesis supervisor (name and institutional affiliation)

3. Procedure of issuing the recognition certificate

The tropEd recognition procedure is agreed upon in the tropEd General Assembly.

3.1. Prerequisites to the application procedure

To be eligible for starting this procedure a candidate must have received a MIH master degree from one of the tropEd Home Institutions.

3.2. Application

3.2.1. Who will send the application to whom?

An application for tropEd recognition will be prepared by the home institution and should be addressed to the person in charge of the Recognition Reviewing Committee.

3.2.2. Time for the application

An Application can be submitted (electronically or via hard copy) any time during the year. However, Recognition Certificates are only issued three times a year, which is during the tropEd General Assembly meetings. During a specific GA, only applications submitted at least 14 days before the start of that GA will be evaluated.

3.2.3. Required documents for the application

a. copies of Masters (in International Health) Degree Certificate with signed Diploma Supplement or transcript of records showing all the courses taken

b. copies of signed grade reports for all taught modules

c. copies of Employment certificates or reference(s) from work/research in low- and middle income countries/societies

d. copy of a comprehensive (dated and signed) CV of the graduate

e. a signed statement from home-institution on external thesis supervision and/or assessment.

Please make sure to send only copies of the required documents to the reviewing committee. Do not send originals. After the decision is made, all documents will be sent to the tropEd Secretariat. No documents will be sent back.

3.3 Evaluation of the applications

This evaluation procedure is undertaken by the Recognition Reviewing Committee. Members of this Committee are elected by the General Assembly for a 2 years period.
In order to double check the accreditation status of the courses the candidate has taken, the reviewer will use a historic database of accredited modules in the network. This database is available via tropEd intranet.
In case further clarification is needed for the evaluation, the reviewing committee will contact the Home Institution. As soon as the evaluation is successfully completed, a short notice will be sent to the home institution.
In case of conflicting results during the reviewing process, the case will be brought to the GA (also to get an impression what kind of complications might arise), where a decision will be taken.

3.4 Costs

No extra cost will be charged from the applicant and Home Institution.

3.5 Certificate printing and signing

The Recognition Reviewing Committee will prepare the Certificate of tropEd recognition for the successful candidate and bring the certificate to the General Assembly. The General Secretary and the President of the Network will then duly sign the Certificate.

This Certificate is only valid with the proper signatures.

3.6 Delivery of the Certificate

The Recognition Reviewing Committee will post/deliver the Certificate to the concerned Home Institution’s representative. The home Institution will then forward the certificate to the candidates and get the confirmation of the receipt.

A copy is kept at the tropEd secretariat.

3.7 Time frame of the reviewing process

The whole application and reviewing procedure (except if complications arise) should be finished within six months.

3.8 Archiving of the reviewing documents

After the completion of the whole procedure an electronic copy of the recognition certificate will be archived at the tropEd Secretariat. The reviewing report (comments on the check list by two reviewers) and the application files will be archived by the Reviewing Committee leader.

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