Title: Results of Cervical Cancer Screening Program in Selected Areas of Northeast Thailand.
Author: Kandel, Ghanshyarn
Institution: Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Berlin
Graduate date: 2014-10-24 (W3C-DTF)
Document: Kandel_Thesis_Abstract.pdf
Description: This cross sectional study aimed to assess the differences in the test results of the cervical cancer screening tests in selected areas of Northeast Thailand. Data collected for the period from 2010 to 2014 of twelve districts of four provinces namely RoiEt, MahaSarakham, KhonKaen and Kalasin was assessed. The data was made available from NHSO KhonKaen office. Bivariate analysis was done to calculate odds ratio and p values.
Classification: 2014 (LCSH)
Language: English
Date Of Record Creation: 2015-01-15 04:11:01 (W3C-DTF)
Date Of Record Release: 2015-01-15 10:23:10 (W3C-DTF)
Date Last Modified: 2015-01-15 10:23:29 (W3C-DTF)

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