Title: Thalassaemia and Haemoglobinopathies among a Faculty of University Students, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand.
Author: Borhan Ragheb Mohamed, Lamia’a Samir
Institution: Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Berlin
Graduate date: 2012-09-27 (W3C-DTF)
Document: Borhan_Abstract.pdf
The association between thalassaemia and cognition has been investigated before, but this relationship has not been tackled extensively in Southeast Asia and previous studies have focused on patients rather than healthy carriers. This study aimed to investigate the proportion of thalassemia and hemoglobinopathies among university student and determine their relationship to cognitive performance.
Classification: 2012 (LCSH)
Language: English
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Date Of Record Release: 2013-07-05 06:14:15 (W3C-DTF)
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