Title: The Effect of Public-Private Mix DOTS on TB control in countries with high TB burden in Southeast Asia and Western Pacific region
Author: Mudawi,Mohammed Hassan Ali
Institution: Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Berlin
Graduate date: 2010-07-08 (W3C-DTF)
Document: Mudawi Abstract.doc
This study is to review the studies conducted on the PPM projects and to know its outcome on TB control, those outcomes are, TB case detection, treatment outcome, and access to standardized TB management services.
Classification: 2010 (LCSH)
Language: English
Date Of Record Creation: 2013-07-05 03:41:51 (W3C-DTF)
Date Of Record Release: 2013-07-05 03:50:41 (W3C-DTF)
Date Last Modified: 2013-07-05 06:06:37 (W3C-DTF)

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