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HIV and AIDS in Sudan : can the spread of HIV and AIDS in Sudan be encountered by the existing HIV and AIDS policies, strategies and implementation services in Sudan - especially in consideration of the return of refugees?
In January 2005 Sudan moved into a new era. With the signing of a Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) the 21 year old civil war between the central Government and the South came to an end. Until...
Culture and health of hijras in India : study of a marginalized community in Pune and Mumbai
The motivation for the study of hijras and research on their health status arose from an experience of the researcher in the antenatal clinic of the Sassoon General Hospital (SGH), B. J. Medical...
Assessment of immunogenicity and safety of yellow fever vaccination in HIV-infected patients : a pilot study
Yellow fever (YF) is an acute haemorrhagic fever with a case fatality rate of 15-50 percent. It can effectively be prevented by the administration of a live-attenuated 17D yellow fever vaccine.
Introduction of improved quality management in basic reproductive health services : an example from Southern Sudan
The aim of this study was to introduce improved Quality Management in Basic Reproductive Health Services and to assess the value of QM procedures...
Understanding the patterns of chronic obstetric morbidity and validation of self reports by women living in an urban slum distric of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Obstetric morbidities are common among the women of reproductive age. The extent of obstetric morbidity as a health problem is expressed in terms of the number of morbid events per maternal death.
Determinants of youth voluntary HIV counselling and testing acceptance in four Addis Ababa youth centres of the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia
This study was conducted from May to June 2005 to determine demographic characteristics and factors that affect VCT acceptance as well as HIV prevalence amongst youths VCT acceptors in Addis Ababa.
Study of factors leading to migration of health care providers from the public health sector in Lusaka Province, Zambia
The study aimed at finding the Factors that lead to Migration of Health Care Providers in the Public Health Sector of Lusaka Province...
The dilemma of primary health care and emergency medical assistance in acute conflict situations in Sub-Saharan Africa
The importance of health care and the successful implementation of services in acute conflict situations, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa have been and still are highly controversial, complex, and...
Practice guidelines for evaluation of fever in returning travelers and migrants
The objective of this study is to develop practice guidelines for the initial evaluation of patients presenting with fever upon return from a tropical or subtropical country in order to reduce...
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