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Participatory appraisal of the illness experiences and health needs of families affected by sickle cell disorders in Benin
Participatory appraisal of the illness experiences and health needs of families affected by Sickle cell Disorders in binin: Qualitative interview study.
An evaluation of the community-based health promotion programme of the Swiss Red Cross in Shigatse (Tibet)
In November 2006, the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) conducted a survey on the health knowledge,attitudes and practice (KAP) among village women in The Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet/China. The aim of the survey...
Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Manila, Philippines: effect of treatment interruptions on treatment outcomes: factors leading to treatment interruptions and default
Adherence to and completion of the full course of MDR-TB treatment under direct observation are important to enhance successful treatment outcomes as well as to avoid amplification and spread of...
Accessibility to the health system for sans-papiers : comparing the situation in Switzerland on the example of the gynaecological and obstetric needs of undocumented women
As a result of large migration movements due to a globalized market and political instability or war and an increasingly restrictive immigration politics the number and the diversity of undocumented...
HIV without borders : a study of results of 22 months of HIV testing at Danané General Hospital, Danané district, Côte d'Ivoir
The data used in this study comes from routine-data collection from several departments offering in-service HIV testing in Danané Hospital. Data was entered from the HIV “counsellor’s registers” into...
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of physicians on HIV/AIDS in Nepal
HIV/AIDS is a major public health, social and economic problem in Nepal. The HIV epidemic is currently concentrated among injecting drug users, female sex workers, labor migrants and men having sex...
Inventory and evaluation of publicly available computer based ART-management software in high-level prevalence HIV/AIDS settings
This paper gives an overview of existing computer based ART-management software. Requirements for a good and useful ART-management software are discussed. Advantages and disadvantages of the...
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