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Psychosocial Support in Disaster Situation in the Philippens and Indonesia: a critical Literature Review
The purpose of this study is to conduct a critical analysis on the mental health and psychosocial support provision in the Philippines and Indonesia. In doing so, this research have three main...
The impact of globalization on health care delivery : an analysis of health worker migration from Southern Africa
Southern Africa accounts for up to 33 percent of the global disease burden but relies on only 2.8 percent of the world health workforce. At the same time, the number of migrant health workers...
Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care practices and its effect on Neonatal Mortality – A secondary analysis of the 2013 Philippines National Demographic and Health Survey
To reduce neonatal mortality, WHO and UNICEF, along other stakeholders, have launched the Every Newborn Plan envisioning "every pregnancy to be wanted, every birth celebrated, and women, babies and...
Oral Health Care Seeking Behaviour among Primary School Teachers in Khartoum Middle Administrative unit-Khartoum state-Sudan (2015)
The aim of this study is to determine the oral health care seeking behaviour among Sudanese teachers in Khartoum Middle Administrative Unit, and also assessing their reported oral health status, oral...
Children´s Environmental Health: A study about Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of ambulatory pediatricians in Metro Manila, Philippines
Metro Manila is an urban region in the Philippines which has numerous environmental and sanitation challenges. Some of the biggest challenges that this capital region faces in terms of environmental...
Chronic Kidney disease as important diabetes mellitus complication in the Northeast of Thailand
The prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) amidst Thai adult T2DM patients is quite high. Uncontrolled DM and long-term hyperglycemia can play a role to initiate this renal vascular complication.
The Interpretation of HIV Health Messages by Children Living with HIV in Rural Tanzania: Implications for interventions to increase uptake of HIV education and services and achieving the “Three Zeros” among this group
Since anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment for HIV has become widely available in Tanzania and other low resource settings, many more children living with HIV (CLWH) are surviving into adolescence and...
Cost-benefit analysis of hepatitis A vaccination in Thailand
Hepatitis A is one of the most spread infectious diseases worldwide. In developing countries like Thailand, hepatitis A can be a big burden for the public health system. Although the disease itself...
Under the conflict Umbrella: Is the access to Ambulance and Pre-hospital services equal to all Palestinian residents in the city of Hebron in the H1 and H2 areas?- Palestine
The aim of this thesis is to explore the perceived impact of a number of selected actors of the ongoing conflict in accessing ambulance and pre-hospital services in the city of Hebron.
Child overweight and obesity are associated with reduced executive cognitive performance and brain alterations: a magnetic resonance imaging study in Mexican Children
Overweight and obesity in childhood is associated with negative physical and psychological effects. The purpose of this study was a neurobiopsychological approach to examine the association between...
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