Title: Global Mental Health and Psychosocial Service Development
Keywords: Treatment
Mental health
Country: Spain
Institution: Spain - Barcelona Institute for Global Health - University of Barcelona
Course coordinator: Stella Evangelidou
Dr. Wolfgang Krahl
Date start: 2024-02-26
Date end: 2024-03-08
About duration and dates: Duration: 10 days from Monday to Friday in two weeks (first week online and second week face-to-face). During the onsite week classes will take place morning and afternoon (9:00-17:00h CET), except last day only morning (9:00-13:30h CET). Application deadline: 2 weeks before start date.
Classification: advanced optional
Mode of delivery: Blended-learning
Course location: University of Barcelona
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Aula Manuel Corachan
C/ Casanova 143
08036 Barcelona (Spain)
ECTS credit points: 3 ECTS credits
Classroom hours (face-to-face): 27
Directed work hours: 5
Synchronous online kick-off meeting: 1
Independent study hours: 41
Evaluation hours (multiple choice exam): 1
TOTAL: 75 hours
All course materials (including essential and recommended readings) will be made accessible prior to course commencement through virtual campus (Moodle).
Language: English
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Contrast and analyse the most adequate approaches for the development, implementation and evaluation of mental health and psychosocial support programmes.
2. Appraise the multilayered, interdisciplinary and intersectoral components in the organization of mental health and psychosocial support services.
3. Adopt an integrated vision of mental health and psychosocial support as a transversal component in the field of global health.
Focus or specific features:
Assessment Procedures:
During the onsite week, students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of sessions in order to be evaluated. Evaluation is based on group work and individual performance, and has three main components:

1. Preparation and facilitation of individual/group country-specific presentations (20% of the overall evaluation). Possible grouping will depend on participant composition. Every student or group of students from the same country will deliver a short 10-15 min presentation on the mental health state-of-art in their country (epi data, population groups at risk, service delivery systems and service access, challenges, etc.). All presentations will take place face-to-face during the onsite week. The schedule will be communicated during the first offsite week. Deadline: to be uploaded on virtual campus by evening of first on-site day..

2. Individual short assignment on the “World mental health report: Transforming mental health for all” (20% of the overall evaluation). This report is designed to inspire and inform the indisputably urgent transformation required to ensure better mental health for all. Students will need to submit a reflective essay on one aspect of the report that promotes strengthening mental health services and systems (Maximum 750 words). Deadline: to be uploaded on virtual campus by the day before the start of the on-site course.

3. Multiple-choice final exam (60% of the overall evaluation) on the before-last day of the on-site course. Duration: 45 minutes.
Rubrics for each assessment component can be found in the Virtual Campus.
The minimum grade to pass each assessment component is 5 out of 10. The grades of the three evaluation components do not compensate each other.
Resit: Students failing to pass one or more of the evaluation components will do a re-sit of the corresponding evaluation part or parts within a week after the end of the course. Re-sit grades are not capped.
During the first week (online), participants will need to familiarise themselves with the Essential Readings provided through the virtual campus as well as prepare and submit the following tasks towards their evaluation as described above:
(a) Individual assignment on “World mental health report: Transforming mental health for all”
(b) Investigation of the state-of-art in mental health (challenges, service access) in own country (individually or in groups)

During the second week (onsite) a series of sessions will take place:

Day 1: Fundamentals in Global Mental Health
● Opening - Introduction
● Determinants of mental health
● Mental health a global problem: global problems need local solutions
● WHO Mental Health and Psychosocial Support MHPSS Service Organisation Pyramid

Day 2: Diagnosis, treatment & care
● Diagnosing mental disorders
● Psychosis
● Affective and anxiety disorders
● Addictions
● Mental health problems in children and adolescents: an African perspective
● Mental health country reports I

Day 3: Community mental health
● Community mental health
● Scalable psychological interventions
● Rehabilitation services for people with severe mental disorders
● Mental health country reports II

Day 4: From needs assessment to M&E
● MHPSS in humanitarian settings
● Case studies
● Monitoring & Evaluation: Public mental health
● Mental health country reports III

Day 5: Special considerations in Global Mental Health
● Migrant and refugee mental health
● Burnout among healthcare providers
● What do you still want to know?

o Multiple-choice exam
o Closing Remarks
The course is based on active participatory learning methods. Participation in class discussions is encouraged by facilitators.
1st week of the course (online/offsite): Self-study activities, reading, preparation and submission of individual assignment, preparation of individual/group work on country-specific state of art in mental health.

2nd week of the course (classroom-based/onsite): interactive lectures, individual and group exercises, case studies. International experts from different backgrounds and regions are invited as facilitators.
tropEd core course level or equivalent required. Basic knowledge of mental health.

tropEd candidates must accredit an English language level TOEFL test 550 or 213 computer-based or 79/80 internet-based or IELTS band 6.0 or equivalent.
A minimum of 10 students is required for the course to take place. Maximum 30 students.

No limitation for number of tropEd students, but in house students have priority.
For tropEd students: First come, first served
Academic year 2023-24 fee: 525€ + University taxes (90€ approx.)
Not available
tropEd accreditation:
Accredited Online, Feb GA 2024. This accreditation is available until Feb 2029
Email Address: stella.evangelidou@isglobal.org
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