Title: Evidence-informed Writing and Reasoning
Keywords: Research
Quantitative methods
Qualitative methods
International/Global Health
Country: Switzerland
Institution: Switzerland - Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute, Basel
Course coordinator: Karin Gross
Christoph Pimmer
Date start: 2024-05-21
Date end: 2024-05-24
About duration and dates: The course covers a period of 9 weeks, in which only the hybrid face-to-face week (5 days) is full time. Distance-based preparation phase (25 hours): 22 April – 17 May 2024 Distance-based post-campus phase (65 hours): 27 May – 23 June 2024
Classification: advanced optional
Mode of delivery: Face to face
Course location: Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Kreuzstrasse 2, CH – 4123 Allschwil, Switzerland
ECTS credit points: 4 ECTS credits
- Face-to-face hours: 31 h (including 1h for an inception meeting)
- Self-study hours: 89 h (incl. the possibility of distance-based interaction with students and facilitators)
Language: English
After successfully completing the module, students will be able to:

● Formulate and conceptualize a research proposal or a Master thesis proposal
● Critically evaluate and appraise different sources and types of evidence
● Apply theoretical frameworks to problem analysis and solution development
● Evaluate and identify appropriate research methods (qualitative, quantitative or mixed method approaches) to address specific research questions and the underlying problem
● Define research objectives and plan a small research to address a specific problem in an evidence-informed way
● Develop and structure concise and persuasive academic arguments following the standards of academic writing, including structure, style, formatting and referencing
Assessment Procedures:
Following the hybrid face-to-face week of the course, students will complete a written assignment, i.e. the development of a research proposal of 7-8 pages in which they bring together the elements taught in the prior course phases. This assessment of the research proposal accounts for 100% of the mark and will be graded along a rubric that students are made aware of beforehand. The grading will include qualitative feedback regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the work and will be graded with fail/pass.

In the case of a failing grade (less than 60%) students will be asked to hand in again the revised research proposal within the time-frame of 3 months.
The course is tailored to assist global health practitioners in evidence-informed decision-making processes in general; and MIH students in the development of their Master thesis in particular. The course will be practice-oriented and students can bring in and work on their own research topic based on a specific problem or knowledge gap.

The following topics will be covered:
● Introduction to evidence-informed reasoning and writing
● Exploration of forms of evidence
● Conceptualization and analysis of a specific problem, definition of specific (research) question/s and objectives
● Development of search strategies and identification of evidence-based literature to address a knowledge gap and/or an identified challenge.
● Components of a research proposal and of a research project
● Methodological overview: Qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods
● Integrating and referencing scholarly sources and the role of plagiarism and AI
● Formalities and processes of developing a Master thesis
During the distance-based preparation and post-campus phase, students will engage in self-directed learning, to meet learning objectives, using materials and tools provided on the online learning management system (Moodle).
● Preparation phase: consists of 25 hrs of facilitated, student-centered learning based on the analysis of articles and a short exercise that constitute the main methodological approach in the preparation phase. Contact to the course coordinators to support is given.
● Post-campus phase: consists of 65 hours of independent study; students will create a research plan to address a specific problem / question, applying the different skill areas and knowledge acquired in the course.
The hybrid face-to-face week (30 hours) includes interactive lectures, group work and tutored individual work. It can be attended on-campus, or remote via a video conferencing tool.
The class structure and teaching methods employed will be interactive in nature, and class participation is actively encouraged.
Bachelor's degree and at least two years' relevant work experience.
tropEd candidates must show an English language level TOEFL test 550 or 213 computer-based or 79/80 internet-based or IELTS band 6.0 or equivalent, or native speaker or completed higher education in English (with written proof).
Students need a reliable internet connection to follow the preparation phase and the post-campus (assignment) phase. No specific software licenses are needed.
Maximum of 20 students per course; maximum number of tropEd students: 8
Minimum number: 8 students.
For tropEd students: First come, first served principle
Students who are enrolled in a tropEd Master programme pay the reduced fee of CHF 2’450; other students pay CHF 2’850.
tropEd accreditation:
Accredited in the EC Telco, February 2024.
This accreditation is valid until February 2029.
This module is offered regularly as a core-module in Swiss TPH’s MBA in International Health Management programme, therefore the number of tropEd students we can admit is limited.

Throughout the module, an online learning management system (Moodle) will be used to support learning activities in the distance-based phases, during which students will be required to complete assignments, communicate with their working groups and upload learning products. Through the electronic platform, students will also have the opportunity to interact with each other (and the facilitators) at their convenience to discuss these same learning products, using discussion forums and other tools.

On request, distance-based, more detailed discussions with facilitators are possible during agreed timeslots using a video conferencing platform.
Email Address: karin.gross@swisstph.ch
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