Title: Proposal Writing as a Consultancy Skill
Keywords: Planning and programming (incl.. budgeting and evaluation)
Communication (oral, written)
Country: Germany
Institution: Germany - Institute of Public Health, University of Heidelberg
Course coordinator: Sylvia Sax
Date start: 2019-05-13
Date end: 2019-05-17
About duration and dates: 1 week on-site (+pre-reading)
Classification: advanced optional
Mode of delivery: Face to face
ECTS credit points: 2 ECTS credits
60 hours
Lectures: 15 hours, Group work and presentations: 30 hours, Individual study: 3 hours; Pre-reading, team teleconferencing and collection of material: 12 hours
Language: English
The overall objective of this course is to enable health professionals and managers and students to understand and apply the concepts and principles of proposal writing within international health and to improve their personal and technical skills for in proposal writing.

At the end of the course the participants will be able to:
- Develop and write a proposal targeting international health donors / clients.
- List key steps and common mistakes in a proposal application process
- Use analytical and design tools necessary for proposal development
- Define and apply the principles of effective proposal writing
- Analyze the team approach to developing a proposal
- Develop and use criteria for assessment of proposals
Assessment Procedures:
Two facilitators and peers assess group proposals using agreed criteria relevant to the international donor context. Weighting is facilitators 70% and peers 30%.
Failure requires a 2000 word proposal on a second topic negotiated between the student and the coordinator.
The course includes the following topics:
- Consultancy and Current Trends in International Cooperation
- Proposal Writing
- Effective Proposal Writing Techniques
- Essential Elements of Proposal Development
- Proposal Formulation According to the Rules of an International Donor
- Using Analytical and Design Tools such as Situational Analysis and Log Frame
- Case Studies Gates Foundation and Global Fund Proposal Development Based in Low and Middle Income Countries
- Criteria for Proposal Evaluation
- Peer Assessment of Project Proposal Documents
The course uses participatory learning based on lectures (15 hrs) individual reading and exercise (15 hrs), plenary discussions and group exercises (4 hrs), facilitated proposal writing exercise (20 hrs.) and peer assessment (6 hrs.).
English Toefl: Computer based >237; Paper based >580; Internet based >90; IELTS > 6.5. (Or as requested at respective English taught home institute = tropEd enrolment sufficient);
Attendance: Maximum number of students: 25
first come, first serve
500 EUR for tropEd students, 750 EUR for others
Scholarships: None available
Major changes since initial accreditation:
There has been an Improvement in wording of the learning objectives. We have increased the time for the teams to write their proposals, this time has been taken from the lecture and discussion on Consultancy Skills, this was in response to participant feedback. We have increased group facilitation during their use of log-frame and situational analysis tools.
Inclusion as mandatory course in MScIH Heidelberg
Student evaluation:
Student evaluations have been generally positive, feedback has indicated that the participants find the course challenging but they appreciate the practical focus on skills and the facilitation of their learning. Some participants have requested that the course should be extended to two weeks with a second week on writing a proposal for a different donor, others indicate they would not attend a two week proposal writing course.
Lessons learned:
There is generally low level of knowledge and skills in proposal writing. Participants themselves are often surprised to discover the breadth of skills needed for writing proposals.
tropEd accreditation:
Accredited in Heidelberg, September 2003. Re-accredited in Paris, May 2008 and in Shanghai, May 2013. This accreditation is valid until May 2018.
Email Address: grys@uni-heidelberg.de
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