Title: Health in Detention
Keywords: Vulnerable groups (in general)
Values / Human rights / (bio)Ethics
Health systems
Communicable diseases (in general)
Country: Switzerland
Institution: Switzerland - Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute, Basel
Course coordinator: Carole Dromer
Bernadette Peterhans
Date start: 2018-12-10
Date end: 2018-12-14
About duration and dates: 5 days
Classification: advanced optional
Mode of delivery: Face to face
Course location: Swiss TPH, Basel
ECTS credit points: 1.5 ECTS credits
SIT: 33 hours direct contact time, 10 hours self-directed learning and 2 hours written exam
Language: English
At the end of the module the student should be able to:
• Interpret the main legal instruments, professional codes, and declarations designed to protect the rights of prisoners, detainees, and health professionals responsible for the health care of these populations
• Appraise the most important health problems in places of detention
• Analyse and address health and human rights issues facing populations in detention.
Assessment Procedures:
A test with short answer questions and think pieces will be used to measure the individual performance of each tropEd participant.
Certificates confirming successful completion and / or attendance will be issued to tropEd students
In case of failure the participants can resit the exam once.
The course content includes the following topics:
• Global challenges in places of detention
• Legal and Human right framework for ICRC detention activities
• Importance and challenges of health care and public health approaches in places of Detention (for example mental health issues, drugs, vulnerable groups etc.)
• Comprehensive health assessment in places of Detention
• Nutrition, Scabies, TB, HIV
• Water-Sanitation
• Medical Ethics / Medical Confidentiality / Dual Loyality
• Management of Hunger Strikes
• Swiss Experience of Health Care in Detention
• Hunger Strikes and their management
• Health impact of solitary confinement and disciplinary segregation
• Human rights
The facilitators will share their experiences and expertise with the participants.
Educational methods; Interactive presentations, discussion rounds and small case studies (33 hours direct contact time) and 10 hours self-directed learning

Educational methods: presentations50%, discussion round 25%, small case studies 25%
At least two years of professional experience

English requirements: TOEFL paper 550 / computer 213 / internet 79 – 80 or IELTS 6.0 or native speaker or completed higher education in English (with written proof)
Maximum 24 participants including tropEd participants
First come, first serve
1100 CHF, 900 CHF tropEd students
tropEd accreditation:
Accredited in Basel, September 2015. This accreditation is valid until September 2020.
Email Address: courses@swisstph.ch
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