Title: Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights: Organizing Effective Responses (SRH Responses)
Keywords: Sexual & reproductive health
Health systems
Country: Netherlands
Institution: The Netherlands - Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Amsterdam
Course coordinator: B. Gerretsen, MD, MSc
Date start: 2018-05-14
Date end: 2018-05-30
About duration and dates: 2,5 weeks
Classification: advanced optional
Mode of delivery: Face to face
Course location: Amsterdam
ECTS credit points: 4 ECTS credits
120 hours
including: contact hours: 48 hours, 64 self-study hours, assessment: 5 hours on news release and 3 hour in class examination.
Language: English
At the end of the module the student should be able to …
- Discuss and analyse components of effective SRHR responses; translating evidence into practice.
- Identify and utilize opportunities for synergies across SRHR programmes and Health Systems Components.
- Critically analyse existing SRHR services from the perspective of marginalized and vulnerable communities and provide recommendations on how to enhance voice and equitable access.
- Evaluate and recommend context appropriate programs and interventions.
- Communicate to lay audiences (NewsRelease)
Assessment Procedures:
Open-book written examination with short case studies for three hours with short essay questions which counts for 75%. Participants also need to write a news release on a specific topic (1000 words, + 10%) accounting for 25%.

- State of the art in effectively responding to SRHR and HIV (Service delivery, Human resources, Financing, Stewardship, Community Systems Strengthening).
- Changing roles and responsibilities of the health sector in responding to SRHR and HIV.
- Opportunities for synergies and considerations for integrations of SRH services with general health services as well as HIV/AIDS services: e.g PMTCT and FP, FP and sexual health, STI and HIV.
- Key aspects of programmes, eg: gender mainstreaming in SRH services, responses to men’s sexual health needs, youth-friendly health services, safe abortion, quality of care, maternal and new born health, basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric services, (V)CT services, PMTCT services, ART services, TB-HIV.
- Continuum of Care models for SHRH and HIV and how to organize them.
- Reducing stigma and discrimination.
- Enhancing voice, accountability and participation of marginalized and vulnerable communities in organizing responses.
- How to write a news release
Interactive presentations 45 hours, 3 hours tutorial for newspaper article, self-study 72 hours
Graduate course on public health or international health, equivalent to BSc level.
Having completed core course of MIH
At least 2 years professional experience, preferably in a low income country.
English level TOEFL 5.5 or IELTS 6.5 (academic version)
It is strongly recommended to have participated In the preceding “Sexual and reproductive health” module or any other SRH module
Maximum number of students: 25
Maximum number of tropEd students: 5
Selection: see under prerequisites
Fees: 1926,- Euro
Scholarships: Nuffic: www.nuffic.nl, please check ”Netherlands Fellowship programme”, NFP application period : 1 September – 20 October 2015
tropEd accreditation:
Accredited in June 2012. This accreditation is valid until June 2018.
Remarks: online applcation
Email Address: P.Zwanikken@kit.nl
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