Title: Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV/AIDS
Keywords: human rights
Sexual & reproductive health
Country: Netherlands
Institution: The Netherlands - Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Amsterdam
Course coordinator: Dinu Abdella
Date start: 2019-03-18
Date end: 2019-04-05
About duration and dates: 3 weeks: 2019-03-18 to 2019-04-05
Classification: advanced optional
Mode of delivery: Face to face
Course location: KIT, Amsterdam
ECTS credit points: 4.5 ECTS credits
135 hours
incl. contact hours: 51 hours, self study hours: 81 hours, exam 3 hours.
Language: English
At the end of the course, students will be able to:
- Critically analyze various concepts related to sexual and reproductive health and rights within the development context

- Explain and present trends and
patterns on a range of SRHR issues
and analyze the multi-faceted
factors driving them

- Analyze SRHR issues from a rights-
based and gender-based perspective

- Identify and discuss principles of
context-specific good practices and
interventions in the area of SRHR.
Assessment Procedures:
Open-book written examination for three hours with short essay questions (counts for 100%). The exam will include brief case studies in which students will apply concepts and translate the understanding of SRHR issues into intervention strategies.
The module explores key principles of SRH&R practice across a range of content areas: sexual health; family planning; infertility; antenatal, perinatal, postpartum health; newborn health; abortion; adolescent health; gender based violence; HIV.
The module also explores key considerations for SRHR and HIV policy and practice: Gender (incl. masculinity); Rights based approaches; Sexuality; Stigma; and ethics. Participants will explore their own norms and values in relation to sexuality and the way these drive the problems and the response to the problems. Promotion of Sexual Health in adolescents has a special focus.
Interactive presentations, case studies, group work
Graduate course on public health or international health, equivalent to BSc level.
Having completed core course of MIH
At least 2 years professional experience, preferably in a low income country.
English level TOEFL 5.5 or IELTS 6.5 (academic version)
Maximum number of students: 25
Maximum number of tropEd students: 5
Selection: see under prerequisites
Fees: 2130 Euro
Scholarships: For this course funding from the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP, former NFP) is available for applicants from OKP countries. Additional information available at: https://www.kit.nl/health/study/okp-orange-knowledge-programme/
Major changes since initial accreditation:
The SRHR module has been running fine over the past years without major revisions. However, with the implementation of a SRH-track there is a need to align this module with other modules that are part of this track, in particular the SRH Responses module. For this purpose, the module objectives have been reformulated.The adaptation is made in relation to the expected level of learning outcome and the consistency in terminology used in both modules. The content is by and large unchanged.
Student evaluation:
Overall mostly positive, largely the feedback is on logistical problems that occur during the module. A more frequent feedback on this module where visiting scholars were teaching frequently is the quality of these scholars, relatively to the internal and external lecturers that are teaching.
Lessons learned:
Scholars will only be teaching in lunch lectures, that are organized as non-compulsory lectures, not made to reach the module objectives but still as much as possible related to the module content.
tropEd accreditation:
Re-accredited in April 2007 on the EC phone conference, re-accredited in October 2011 and in June 2013. This accreditation is valid until June 2018.
Remarks: online application
Email Address: F.Maldonado@kit.nl
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