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Genomics and Proteomics applied to Infectious Diseases
Description: In recent years, following the sequencing of the human genome and many livestock and pathogen genomes alike, we have witnessed the development of genomic and proteomic "post-genomic"...
Classification: advanced optional
Date start: 2018-01-25
Institution: Protugal - Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical , Universidade Nova de Lisboa
ECTS credit points: 2 ECTS credits
Advanced Vaccinology
Description: At the end of the module, participants will be able to: - formulate a state-of-the-art update on recent global developments in the field of vaccinology including the introduction of new vaccines...
Classification: advanced optional
Date start: 2018-01-08
Institution: Germany - Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Berlin
ECTS credit points: 3.5 ECTS credits
Short course in Clinical Research and Evidence-based Medicine (SCREM)
Description: A. Retrieve relevant published articles related to a research question and evaluate relevance of clinical research results in relation to a concrete low resource setting; B. Design a research...
Classification: advanced optional
Date start: 2017-12-04
Institution: Belgium - Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine
ECTS credit points: 9 ECTS credits
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